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Real Estate Agent Partners

Real Estate Agent Partners

As a full-service mortgage lender, River City Mortgage is here to partner with real estate agents and offer support through the entire home sale process.

We Make it Simple

Getting offers accepted is challenging in this competitive housing market. And of course, an accepted offer doesn’t guarantee a closed deal.

Sellers may miss your offer as they sift through countless others searching for the perfect one they can trust. They want the best price and the shortest time frame.

Create winning offers that lead to smooth closings with the help of our personalized approach and dedicated pre-approval program through our real estate agent partnership.

The Advantage of Teaming Up

We make it personal. At River City Mortgage we sit down with real estate agents and homebuyers to build the simplest, most affordable strategy to get offers accepted and deals closed, together.

With over 100 years of combined mortgage experience, we’ve dedicated a team of specialists focused solely on closing home purchase loans.

Personal Touch Guided by Experience

Our loan officers apply their financial expertise to provide clear and simple options, giving you confidence at every step.

Simple On-Time Processing

We have access to the best programs as a direct lender. We also handle the research and processing under one roof, taking on the work so that you don’t have to.

River City Mortgage President’s Seal of Approval

It all starts with an accepted offer.

The River City Mortgage President’s Seal of Approval helps buyers get pre-approval letters that pop from the pile of other offers that fall flat. Our leadership team backs each pre-approval, endorsed by our President, Nick Hunter.

From offer to closing, we provide:

  • An outstanding offer issued for a specific property or maximum approved price
  • Excellent communication between real estate agent, homebuyer, seller, and title agent
  • Quick and efficient processing with closing on time, or even ahead of schedule

How it Works

Our home financing pre-approval letters are approved in one hour on average so that you can act fast and make your offer.

Once an offer is accepted, our tight process ensures the deal goes through.

  1. We’ll connect with you and the homebuyer to recommend the best financing and pre-approval strategy.
  2. Pre-approval is based on processing a pre-underwrite of the homebuyer’s credit, income, assets, and employment history. 
  3. Once pre-approved, we issue a River City Mortgage President’s Seal of Approval letter for a specific property or to show the maximum approved price.
  4. A Concierge Loan Coordinator helps navigate our pipeline that tracks all important target dates, overseen by the Operation Manager to ensure financing and timing are on point.
  5. Real estate agents and homebuyers have direct access to experienced Senior Loan Processors who guide you from underwriting to closing.

Is Our Partnership Right for You?

Learn more about how we can partner to close more real estate sales through these commonly asked questions.

How long does it take to close a loan with River City Mortgage?

Through communication with you, the homebuyer, seller, and title agent, River City Mortgage always allows for a smooth close and on-time funding.

In fact, offers backed by River City Mortgage close far ahead of schedule! For example, one loan closed in under 12 days, which was almost a month ahead of the contracted close date.

What would make a seller want to accept our offer?

Sellers have a lot of power in this competitive housing market. As they search for an offer that provides them with confidence, they unfortunately receive many uncertain options.

They may worry that a homebuyer’s mortgage will fall through, meaning the deal does too. This disappoints the seller and buyer and also comes between you and your commission.

When your offer includes The River City Mortgage President’s Seal of Approval, it’s worth more than all the others. Show the seller an offer with the best price that your homebuyer can comfortably afford, backed by our efficient timeline and financial certainty.

How does communication work throughout the entire closing process?

Each River City Mortgage offer comes with a dedicated Concierge Loan Coordinator. They’re always available, providing open communication with these benefits:

– On-point communication from start to finish
– Clear line of contact and open availability for real estate agents and homebuyers
– Milestone achievements shared from start to closing

From our initial concierge email to the pre-close call and funding, we have your back. Our home purchase team is highly focused on offering speed, quality, and communication.

Our entire home purchase program is dedicated to closing these loans. Our leadership, including our President Nick Hunter, stands by this.

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At River City Mortgage we look forward to building a relationship with you. Contact us for expert advice, direct lending, and simpler loan processing to help you not only get more offers accepted, but also see those offers become successful and efficient closings. 

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