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Do you currently have a VA home loan? If so, the VA IRRRL or “streamline refinance” is the easiest way to lower your interest rate. This government-backed program allows you to lower your monthly payment or pay off your loan quicker by lowering your rate of interest on your current loan using the Certificate of Eligibility, appraisal, and income already on file. We have partnered with lenders who help us make a streamline refinance quick and effortless for our borrowers.

Key VA IRRRL Benefits

  • No appraisal
  • No income verification
  • No minimum credit score
  • Approval only requires not currently delinquent on mortgage payment
  • Fast turn times


A large benefit of holding a VA loan is that you are able to refinance and take “cash out” of 100% of your home’s value, because it is backed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. With a quick application led by an appraisal, you can then either consolidate debt or take cash out in-hand.

VA Loans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs insures home loans for all active members of the military, veterans, and surviving spouses who have not remarried. With a hassle-free qualifying process, VA loans offer favorable terms and conditions that we can help you take advantage of.

VA Loan Benefits

  • Relaxed qualifying standards
  • Lower than average interest rate
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • 0% down payment on home purchase
  • 100% cash-out or debt consolidation loan


Who is eligible for a VA loan?

All active members of the military are eligible; so are members of the National Guard, members of the Reserves, cadets at the U.S. Military, Air Force, and Coast Guard Academy, midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy, and officers at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and surviving spouses of veterans who have not remarried.

Minimum term of service:

Served 181 days during peacetime (active duty)

Served 90 days during wartime (active duty)

Served 6 years in Reserves or National Guard
Eligibility is proved through a Certificate of Eligibility as well as the DD-214 obtained by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

How much of a down payment is needed for a VA mortgage loan?

Unlike most other loan types, VA loans allow for 100% financing for a home. No down payment is needed.

Can I have more than one VA mortgage loan?

Yes, you are allowed to use your Certificate of Eligibility to qualify for up to two VA mortgage loans at one time. Your full eligibility is completely restored after a VA loan is paid off or sold.

Can I do a VA IRRRL or streamline if I no longer live in the home?

Yes, as long as you once lived in the residence.

Can I apply for a VA loan to purchase an investment property?

No, VA loans are meant for primary residences.

Can I still get a VA loan with below-average credit?

VA loans have less stringent qualifications criteria. We work with many lenders that will grant a VA loan to a customer with a credit score as low as 550.

Is there a maximum amount I can borrow with a VA loan?

The VA loan maximum is $453,100 for most areas, with exceptions for high-cost areas, with 100% financing. However, you are able to borrow up to $1 million with a VA loan given a down payment, which still carries the beneficial terms and conditions the VA offers without having a “jumbo” loan.

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