Patty Van ZandtRegional Manager, MLO


Patty’s background in Business Communication, residential real estate, and her role as Executive Director of Operations at River City Mortgage provide her with the depth and experience essential in helping clients make decisions about their purchase or refinance. As Regional Manager/MLO, everyone who comes in contact with Patty learns quickly why she is successful. Patty believes that a foundation of trust, reliability and exceptional service are key. Patty shares this: “People need us to share our knowledge about programs, rates and payments. But most importantly, when a decision is made regarding the direction that benefits them, they need to know that they are NOT just a number and that you genuinely care about them. When this is true, they know it. You spend time being available to them, and you make things happen for them. Ultimately, it’s about authenticity and care. The rest follows.” Patty is relentless when it comes to helping her clients before and after the closing. Her primary goal is to become your mortgage partner for life!

NMLS#-1950022 |  Verify with Consumer Access

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4555 Lake Forest Dr.
Suite 450
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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