Quicker Mortgage Payoff

Ever dream of not having a mortgage? You could save thousands of dollars in interest just by paying off your loan quicker. Refinancing to a shorter-term mortgage loan will help with your goal.

On a shorter-term loan, you have a much higher amount going toward your monthly principal balance. This allows you to build equity at a faster pace. We believe in exploring all your refinance options to make certain you are comfortable with the new payment.

Key Benefits

  • The shorter your term, the lower your interest rate
  • Choose your term anywhere from 10 through 30 years down the exact month
  • Eliminate thousands in interest
  • Retire without a mortgage

Some borrowers choose to refinance to a shorter term, while at the same time cashing out equity to pay off higher interest bills. By eliminating the extra monthly bills, the shorter term mortgage payment becomes easier to make.

There are several refinance options available:

If your goal is pay off your loan quicker, let River City take charge and handle the loan process for you. To find out how much interest you can save, contact us today at (800) 343-7315 or start the process by filling out a QUICK, FREE QUOTE form.

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